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Top Class Live Dealer Roulette

If there is one game that personifies the high intensity action and drama of a casino, it is Roulette. With its long betting table and iconic round wheel, Roulette takes centre stage on the casino floor, attracting both novices and high rollers alike. There is nothing more thrilling than watching the wheel spin and waiting for the ball to drop into a slot, determining the fates of those gathered around the table.

While online Roulette does a decent job of recreating the magic of Roulette, it does lack a sense of realism. This is where live dealer Roulette has the advantage. Combining the thrill of the real live game with the convenience of online gambling, live Roulette brings together all the best aspects of this incredible casino game to your desktop or mobile device.

The Basics of Live Roulette

For those who are new to the game, here is how live dealer Roulette works: As with all live dealer casino games, Live Roulette is conducted by a real dealer situated in a live casino studio. Unlike the electronic version, the gaming results are produced live and in real time using a professional casino Roulette table and wheel.

When players log into the game, they are connected through to the dealer via a live streaming video feed. Multiple cameras are used to catch every second of the action. One camera is focused on the dealer while others zoom in on the betting table and the Roulette wheel as it comes to a stop. The integrated betting software allows for bets to be placed in real time while the game is in progress.

How to Get Started

At All Jackpots Casino, we have teamed up with Evolution Gaming to bring you the most exciting and immersive live dealer experience possible. The live Roulette games offered at the casino are designed to cater from both novices and high rollers with tables for all betting styles. To get started, you must take an available seat at one of the open tables. With most games, each table can cater for up to 7 players. Once seated, you can start betting as soon as the next round begins.

The gaming software has a built-in chat feature, which allows players to chat to the dealer as well as other players around the table, making the game more social and interactive. At the start of each round, the betting will open. Placing a bet works in exactly the same way as the electronic version. An image of the betting table will be displayed and you simply click on the virtual betting chips and place them on any of the highlighted betting areas.

Live Dealer Betting Options

Live dealer Roulette is based on the classic European version of the game, with 36 slots around the wheel and a single zero. All of the classic betting options are available, including black/red bets, odds/evens, high/low bets, columns, row betting, outside bets and inside bets. As with a standard game, multiple bets can be placed on each round.

After all the bets have been placed, the dealer will spin the wheel and drop the ball in. When the wheel comes to a stop, the ball will drop into one of the 37 slots, determining the payouts for the round.

For an unforgettable Live Roulette experience, sign up and play with us.